Avenai (ah-ven-eye)

In 2012, four well-seasoned professionals decided to create a new, nimble and value-driven consulting firm. With decades of combined experience in business operations and management consulting, the four founding partners had gained a significant amount of knowledge in what a successful consulting company would comprise. They decided to create a consulting services firm that focused on all of the positives and factors that worked well. The goal was to build a unique organization with the right capabilities to deliver success to all of its clients. They named this organization, Avenai.

Today, Avenai is rapidly growing. Hiring the right professionals with the proper skill set and similar values has allowed for consistent growth. The vision and values that were fundamental building blocks of Avenai are still prominently displayed throughout the company. Strong leadership, close collaboration and always putting our clients first will continuously be key factors in ensuring the success of Avenai.

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The way we think, interact, and work all stem from the values that are exhibited throughout our organization. Avenai’s culture is inclusive; valuing diversity and each employee’s unique qualities and opinions. We focus on thinking outside the box. Innovative ideas, discussions on strategy, and breaking away from the norms of our industry are all encouraged and supported. Flexibility is a key attribute that Avenai promotes.

Whether it’s flexible work arrangements, or changing roles to better suit your interests, we provide our employees with a strong work-life balance and chance to grow their careers. Avenai’s lattice organization approach offers employees an opportunity to learn first-hand from some of the most experienced and well respected experts in the industry. No matter the position, all of our employees play a role in further developing Avenai as an industry leading organization.


Avenai aspires to develop comprehensive solutions that allow our clients to drive higher organizational performance. By fostering an environment that encourages continuous learning, growth and innovation, we are able to achieve above and beyond our clients’ expectations. Acting with integrity and honesty is part of who we are. When clients achieve their goals, we achieve ours.


  • Honesty

    Being honest with ourselves, our coworkers and our clients is of the utmost importance in Avenai. Long-lasting relationships built on trust are what we strive for. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with truthful and sincere advice that will result in a positive impact for their organization.

  • Integrity

    We firmly believe in doing the right thing. It is our morals, values and principles that guide our everyday interactions. Staying true to our word and taking accountability for our actions are ingrained in Avenai’s culture. Doing what is right for our clients, our company and our community is what’s important to us.

  • Respect

    Avenai values diversity, and encourages all of our people to voice their opinions and ideas without the fear of judgment. Appreciating one’s differences and embracing the unique qualities of each individual is something that is demonstrated throughout Avenai.

  • Leadership

    Taking initiative, leading by example, and guiding others to achieve a common goal are all attributes that are highly valued at Avenai. As a growing company, the ability to coach and mentor others is considered to be an important asset, so that we can continue to develop the skills and expertise of the company.

  • Teamwork

    Avenai maximizes its potential when it works as a team. Close collaboration with a diverse group of people is a common occurrence in which we thrive. Embracing different opinions and harmonizing our contributions to work towards a common goal is where we excel.

  • Stewardship

    Avenai is committed to conducting business in a manner that is both socially and economically responsible. Our aim is to build a strong and dynamic company in which future generations can be proud of. Leadership with vision and responsible management of resources are visible throughout our company.


Our Objectives

Avenai in the Community is exactly what it sounds like. It is our effort as a company to support and be involved in our community. We aim to bring the same positive impact we have on our clients to those in our community.

Special Olympics Ontario

In 2018 and 2019, Avenai is proud to partner with Special Olympics Ontario (SOO) to support athletes who participate and have the opportunity to train in 15 core sports offered in the Greater Ottawa Area. For many athletes, participating in SOO is a path to healthy living, empowerment, acceptance and friendship. Special Olympics Ontario is a volunteer driven organization with over 20,000 athletes and 10,000 volunteers registered across the province.

Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa

In 2016 and 2017, Avenai partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa to provide Ottawa community children support in a variety of ways.  Each year, more than 4,500 children and youth aged six to 18 are served by the Club and membership is free. Each year Avenai sets our a fundraising goal that is accomplished through a variety of events and donations from our community. The funds raised from the 2016/17 campaigns have gone towards providing scholarships to children in alignment with the four pillars of the Club: Education; Physical Activity/Healthy Lifestyle; Leadership and Social Skills; and Creative Arts.