Outsourcing aspects of a business is being used by organizations as a method to gain a competitive edge, leaving room to focus on their core competencies and capabilities. Avenai’s extensive experience in developing an approach and plan for outsourcing has enabled organizations to lower their costs and increase their accessibility to innovative resources and skills.

We develop tailored outsourcing strategies that are flexible and cater to the specific needs and goals of an organization. Avenai works with its clients to create a strategy, all the way from inception to post-execution. We delve deep into the organization to fully understand its issues, objectives and goals. From there, we define the scope of the strategy and identify what processes should be outsourced. We then evaluate the various service providers to ensure maximum compatibility and return on investment. Selecting a provider requires a lengthy analysis which includes factors like location, services, cost and innovation. Avenai not only delivers a strategy, but provides a blueprint to ensure organizations maximize their opportunities, build a strong rapport with their suppliers and achieve their business goals.”

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