The four partners, together with our senior leadership team, bring a wide breadth and depth of experience across the entire business spectrum. Our experience delivering large and complex client engagements, especially in the public sector, allows us to understand how to effectively architect and manage change.

David Allum

David is a senior business transformation architect with more than 29 years of experience and a successful track record leading and architecting business change strategies and programs enabled by technology. He is a thought leader focused on finding new solutions and services  to create more value for customers while improving the business performance of organizations. David is highly experienced at implementing business change and IT solutions from several different perspectives including internal function lead, strategic program manager, systems integrator/IT service provider, and consultant/advisor. He is an expert and visionary at defining, developing, and implementing technology-enabled business capabilities and services to realize strategic business objectives.

Chris Brennan

Chris is a highly-experienced executive with more than 35 years of experience in business and IT transformations. He has helped a broad range of organizations develop, deploy, and operate new capabilities that have a measurable transformational impact. Chris has a proven track record of leading large-scale and complex transformation programs in the private and public sectors. He is a recognized leader that has shaped new vision, set corporate direction and worked with clients, government stakeholders, and shareholders to execute change for the renewal and growth of large organizations in highly-competitive national and global markets. He is an expert in leveraging partnerships and technology to enable more effective operating models and innovative product and service offerings.

Mike Scotten

Mike is a skilled executive with more than 25 years of experience with business and IT transformations, and systems integration projects. He has helped several government and crown organizations with transformational changes initiatives that have had measurable results and lasting impact. Mike is a recognized leader at providing strategic guidance to senior executives on transformation delivery options, costs, risks, and implementation feasibility. He is highly skilled at developing and managing transformation business cases for mission critical programs. Mike is an expert at managing all aspects of program initiation, execution, and evaluation including governance and organizational structures.

Brendan Timmins

Brendan is a proven business leader with over 25 years of experience shaping and delivering large transformation programs with clear, measurable results. He has extensive experience in building and leading successful solution delivery and service management organizations, in both the public and private sectors. Brendan is an expert in IT transformations, shared services implementations supporting multiple customer organizations, and strategic vendor sourcing agreements. He is a recognized executive that helps businesses and organizations craft and deliver their vision, strategy, and new capabilities that have a transformational impact on services, revenue, and costs. Brendan has proven skills and experience helping organizations successfully develop and deploy innovative technology products and solutions.