Video Series

Navigating IT-enabled Change: Lessons in Collaboration and Leadership

Avenai’s Christine Hamilton, Chris Brennan, and Laura Matthews share their experience with collaboration and the role of leadership in organizational transformation, identifying keys to success while drawing on practical experiences with large, complex projects.

Winning Conditions

It is difficult to make transformational change successful and many organizations aren’t readily equipped to manage it effectively. While your approach to leading change may vary depending on the nature of the change, the path to success remains deeply rooted in 8 winning conditions.

Lessons Learned

Meaningful, lasting change is hard. It demands real commitment through visible and consistent action from leaders and significant investment in culture and organizational change management. But these conditions alone won’t guarantee success if the desire for change isn’t championed by middle management and embraced by employees.

Pitfalls & Traps

Large-scale, IT-enabled transformation initiatives are never easy. They should be led by the business but that’s not what happens in practice. IT is impacted as much as the business yet investing into future IT capabilities is often an afterthought. Employees are highly impacted but so often leaders don’t involve them in the change and genuinely listen to their ideas, concerns, and fears.


Transformational Change – do you have the Winning Conditions?

Before embarking on your transformational journey, the first step is to assess whether your organization has the winning conditions to successfully transform. If you don’t have these in place, don’t start your journey. Read more…