It's What We Do

We run to it – not from it. We see it as integral to any initiative, not a bolted-on afterthought.

We are passionate about charting the best approach to transcend the transformational change challenges that face our clients.

By leveraging our multi-disciplinary knowledge, expertise, and proven processes, we partner with our clients to create business strategies and design solutions that accelerate change, create value, and enable peak organizational performance.

What’s Your Challenge?


Need help developing new or existing ideas? We are expert ideators and facilitators eager to help you shape your vision into a clear, actionable plan.


Ready to implement your idea? We will support you and your team from project execution right through to realizing tangible business results.


Hit a roadblock? Our team of consultants have the real-life breadth and depth of experience needed to help you overcome complex business problems.

Our Philosophy

We make change happen – with you, hand-in-hand, from start to finish.

Like Tenzing Norgay, Sir Edmund Hillary’s most trusted partner, Avenai strives to guide and trek alongside you faithfully, as you scale your Everest of change, to reach the pinnacle of success and achieve desired results.

We know the role of our clients is to climb – ours is to help and guide you to the next step, the next level until you reach the top.

Our team is always ready for a new expedition. On every project, from simple to complex and with every client, Avenai, part of Accenture, is:


We optimize performance on every engagement by bringing the collective expertise and diversity of our entire trusted Avenai team.

A Catalyst

We’re the spark that helps you shape and accelerate your complex transformations, enable change, and make it stick.


We fine-tune and tailor our methods to suit your unique needs through our proven @change™ approach.

A Trusted Partner

We work alongside you, through the peaks and valleys of change to co-create and deploy solutions that drive successful outcomes.


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When Clients Achieve Their Goals, We Achieve Ours.


Avenai, part of Accenture, is a nimble, value-driven business consulting firm…


Our core values reflect our commitment and passion to shaping and optimizing sustainable change…


Avenai consultants are natural leaders, creative problem solvers, solution architects, and trusted advisors…


At Avenai, we understand that transformational change cannot be achieved without a proven approach that will help…

Would you be a good fit for the Avenai team? We want to hear from you!

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Avenai had average revenue growth rate of over 28%

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Expanded our talent pool with 88% employee growth rate

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Grew our client base by 750%

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