Where’s the Fun in Quarantine?


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Company socials turned virtual to brighten the COVID experience 


Just when you were getting back into the new year rhythm, COVID-19 comes in and uproots the entire routine. Work from home, physical distancing, virtual meetings; we are taking every precaution to stay safe by distancing ourselves from others.  

The truth is we are social creatures. The desire to talk and laugh with our colleagues is undeniable and working from home gives no exception to fact! The key is to realize that isolation doesn’t restrict us from these social interactions it just changes the way we experience them! 

Keeping Employees Connected 

Transitioning company social events to the virtual world is a great way to boost staff moral and maintain healthy relationships.  

There are several virtually playable games and activities available; the challenge is finding the best fit for your audience. Trivia, Scattergories, Charades, Guess Who – the possibilities are nearly endless! 

Our Virtual Game: The Quarantine Challenge 

Here at Avenai, we have taken steps to shift our social events to the virtual norm. We even went as far as to create our own virtual game, the Quarantine Challenge, where players must scavenge for items around their house, complete tasks and riddle their way through questions to gain points. 

The game is formatted as an intuitive PowerPoint with no real limit to the number of players and only a pen and paper required to play. Using a virtual conferencing platform, the facilitator shares the PowerPoint on their screen and the game gives the instructions. 

A Simple Concept with a Grand Result  

The game proved to be a great way for colleagues to virtually interact with one another, to laugh together and to break away from their busy lives if only for an hour. Because virtual games provide flexibility, the Quarantine Challenge was shared across Avenai, enabling employees to play the game with their friends, families and even their clients! 

Play Your Own Quarantine Challenge 

With so many people working from home and struggling to find the new routine in their busy lives, it’s important to maintain positive social interactions.  Sometimes, laughing together while playing a virtual game is just what is needed.  

No matter what game you choose, take the challenge posed by the move to virtual work as an opportunity to develop strong ties across teams, maintain a sense of normalcy, and step away from daily stress to laugh with colleagues.  Whether it’s playing a virtual version of a formal game, trying the Quarantine Challenge, or developing a game of your own, give your team the space to relax and laugh in a virtual environment. 

If you think the Quarantine Challenge could be the virtual fun your company needs, please download and share our great virtual game: The Avenai Quarantine Challenge.


Katie Bunting

Katie Bunting

Katie is a consultant with a long background of creating and hosting fun interactive games and events for others to enjoy! She would be happy to help you make your companies’ COVID-19 experience a little more socially enjoyable!

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