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We apply our experience and expertise to your business problems. We work with you to identify and solve the challenges surrounding business change and stand alongside you throughout the entire journey, ensuring change happens the way you envisioned.

Avenai, part of Accenture, will be your guide through business transformation.

Our Work

We have worked on a variety of projects that vary from large-scale organizational transformation to third-party project reviews to one-on-one executive coaching.

We have delivered projects in the following sectors:

  • Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Government
  • Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Transportation

Success Stories

Here are some stories that highlight a few of the mountains – large and small – we’ve conquered with our clients:

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

CBSA Emblem


The Canada Border Services Agency is responsible for the flow of travelers and trade and supports national security and public safety. With more than 14,000 employees in over 1,200 Canadian locations and 39 international points, CBSA carries the load in collecting duties and taxes on imports. The agency collects more than $30B each year on over $475B worth of imports.

Canada’s Office of the Auditor General identified lost revenues and materials in CBSA’s financial reporting. As a result, the agency created the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) project to address its own shortcomings. When Avenai was engaged by CBSA, the project had fallen behind schedule, impacting its funding model and stakeholder confidence.

Avenai’s Team Approach

Charting the best course for CBSA was our first step. We explored their challenge and provided strategic direction, leadership and guidance in the development and execution of sourcing a systems integrator vendor for the remainder of CARM. Working together, we defined, established and operated a streamlined project management office function. Calling on stakeholder input, the benefits realization plan was formed. Optimizing the strategy we developed, we further identified costing, risk profile and success factors for CBSA.


  • Systems integrator sourced to complete CARM’s first release – the CBSA’s first experience working with a systems integrator
  • First release of CARM implemented providing client-based revenue management (A/R) and the ability to accept electronic payments
  • Two successful Treasury Board submissions, including a strengthened business case for CARM identifying over $1B in benefits
  • Successful collaborative procurement process for a third-party vendor to partner with CBSA and SSC for the remainder of CARM

Payments Canada

Payments Canada


The Canadian economy depends on the exchange of billions of dollars every day. Payments Canada provides Canada’s national payment infrastructure and is responsible for the settlement, processes and rules key to those transactions. Though the infrastructure isn’t seen by the public, it impacts all Canadians through their inter-bank transactions including debit card and pre-authorized debit transactions, direct deposits, bill and wire payments and cheques.

A public purpose, non-profit organization fully funded by the financial institutions participating in its systems, Payments Canada must – above all else – ensure payments remain safe and secure for all Canadians.

With 230 employees, Payments Canada found itself replacing legacy systems and modernizing the payments industry with a $250M program. It had limited resources to support the program and required strong project management and business analyst capabilities to provide structure and hike the work forward.

Avenai’s Team Approach

Putting structure to requirements, Avenai developed project management processes and provided visibility of the program to Payments Canada executives. A program governance structure was constructed and status reporting with program dashboards were established. With the world changing fast and payments even faster, we devised and advanced a change management plan to prepare Payments Canada for its destination.


  • Developed initial Program Management office with supporting processes
  • Transitioned PMO successfully to the Industry Partner (Accenture)
  • Developed and maintained key Project Plans
  • Avenai contract extended to provide ongoing support

Export Development Canada (EDC)

EDC Logo


Export Development Canada provides Canadian exporters with trade finance, export credit insurance and bonding services. Its 1500 employees offer expertise and guide homegrown businesses towards international business opportunities. EDC implemented a brand repositioning program to increase awareness of EDC and gain relevancy in the market. EDC required Avenai’s expertise to create momentum, increase engagement and inspire employees right across the map.

Avenai’s Team Approach

EDC’s leaders bought-in through regular engagement. Together with them, Avenai led the development of a global launch strategy and its execution across over 20 regional and international locations. The coordinated project management plan ensured the pre-launch, launch day and post-launch engagements didn’t miss a step. Champions within the organization steadily led their business lines and maintained momentum between various initiatives, ensuring the brand was embedded within each program.


  • Developed a strategy to create and manage a global experiential launch at
    dozens of global locations
  • Executed a change management strategy including communications and training plans
  • Aligned EDC leaders on the engagement plan and secured their willingness to inspire employees to be brand ambassadors
  • Successfully launched the brand. Unified and engaged employees across the globe with targeted Brand launch engagements strategies through various channels: In person and virtually.
  • Worked closely with other large transformational initiatives to embed the brand and inform those initiatives for further development and alignment such as CSR strategy, Employee Value Proposition, Digital Transformation and Customer Experience Strategy.
  • Developed and supported the role out of external communication and engagement such as with EDC’s Board of Directors and new office opening in Kitchener, ON

Workplace and Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)


The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board is an independent agency administering compensation and no-fault insurance for Ontario workers. It provides wage-loss benefits, health care coverage and support to help people get back to work. The WSIB is one of the largest insurance organizations in North American, covering over five million people in more than 300,000 workplaces across the province.

WSIB’s IT Cluster (ITC) was focused on delivery value to the business and to WSIB’s customers, but found it lacked alignment with the rest of the business. ITC realized it needed to transform into a high-performing IT organization. Avenai was brought in to help ITC meet the challenges on the climb to transformational success.

Avenai’s Team Approach

Our first steps involved mapping out the current state and exploring how the legacy IT model was impeding progress. We created a new model that was much more client focused, and supported 10 streams of ongoing work with Avenai’s @Change methodology and tools. By agreeing on a set of values to aspire to and reinforce, we worked closely with WSIB leadership to change behaviours and transform talent management practices to reinforce their journey of becoming a performance-based culture.


  • Implemented an Operating Model that was customer centered, promoting
    collaboration within ITC and demonstrating clear value to WSIB by becoming
    product focused
  • A functional reorganization enabled ITC to deliver business value by building
    quality solutions more expediently and cost effectively
  • Applied identifiable behavioural performance objectives resulting in a shift in the organizational culture

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